10 Best Things To Do in Ho Chi Minh City

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10 Best Things To Do in Ho Chi Minh City

1. War Remnants Museum

1. War Remnants Museum
The first tourist site to visit in Ho Chi Minh City is War Remnants Museum, one of the most popular museums in Vietnam housing memory related to the Vietnam War and the First Indochina War in Vietnam.
Established by the Vietnamese government, this museum has opened from September 4th, 1975 as the Exhibition House for the US and Puppet Crimes. In 1990, this has changed to the Exhibition House for Crimes of War and Aggression. In 1995, when President Bill Clinton visited Vietnam, this finally changed to War Remnants Museum till today.
This museum has more than 20,000 documents, exhibits, and films, in which more than 1,500 documents, artifacts, and films have been applied to introduce in public.
In this museum, visitors can have a chance to see so much military equipment of the US and Vietnam military in so many rooms from the Legend AK 47, UH-1  helicopter to M48 tank, T-54 tank.
Especially, tourists can see “tiger case”, a place where South Vietnamese soldiers kept their political prisoners. Besides, they can look at many photographs in the Vietnam War, including black-white ones.
This place is like the evidence of the crime and the consequences of war that the US and its allies have caused to Vietnam. Visiting this museum is worth of rewarding things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.
Location: 28 Vo Van Tan street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Opening hours: 7:30 –18:00 every day
Website: http://www.baotangchungtichchientranh.vn/
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