Tips for Solo Traveler in Halong Bay

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Tips for Solo Traveler in Halong Bay

Nowadays, traveling alone has becoming a new trend for a lot of people, especially young ages. You get opportunity to indulge yourself fully. Here, we will show you some useful yet necessary tips for a solo travelers in Halong bay.

1. Beware of Single Supplement

If you are solo traveler, don’t forget to pay attention on single supplement fee. Most of cruises operators on Halong bay don’t provide single cabin/room option for solo travelers. If you choose to stay in a single cabin, you are not required to pay for extra fee (but the single room/cabin could be smaller than a double one). Of course, if you’re willing to pay a supplement for single occupancy of a double cabin, you can enjoy your trip in a larger cabin. In general, the supplement can range from 20 to 100 percent of the trip cost.

2. Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay, Your Choice!

It is highly recommended for solo tourists to research carefully before booking a cruise to discover Halong Bay fairly land. As you may know, the whole area of Halong Bay site can be divided into central Halong bay, western Bai Tu Long bay, and Lan Ha Bay near Cat Ba Island. They all have the same beauty of natural lime stones and karts. While central Halong bay has long been a popular tourist area, Bai Tu Long bay remains a less visited place.

If you’re a dynamic traveler and want an exciting cruise, you can choose to visit Halong Bay’s central (the price is normally cheaper than Bai Tu Long bay cruise). If you are a type of adventure traveler; or you want to explore the mysteries and further of Halong bay; or you just love a quiet place to relax and run away from the bustle and hustle city, visiting Bai Tu Long bay is a perfect choice.

3. Meet New Friends/Fellow Travelers and Become a Group

The best way to make new friends is travelling alone. Young travelers can easily take part in a group of other travelers and having fun together.

Kayak for one? Don’t worry it’s totally fine and there are many of solo riders out there paddling around the bay. You will ride in the back seat of a two seated kayak.

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